Ground-level tripod for laser scanner

Have you also faced the problem that you want to scan an object from below, but you don't have enough space under the object to place the scanner?

We solve this problem with our ground-level tripod for laser scanners. Using the tripod you can position the scanner in very narrow places, where you can't get on with a conventional tripod. With a height of approx. 28.5cm (incl. FARO Focus scanner), completely new possibilities open up to place the scanner.

Safe position for your 3D laser scanner.

Our ground-level tripod is compatible with our Laserscanning Europe quick release system (item no.: 030-10131) and the FARO/ATS quick release system. This means that you can use all FARO laser scanners and also the Artec Ray together with the ground-level tripod. In addition, you have the possibility to compensate possible height differences on the floor thanks to three adjusting screws.


> Ground-level tripod for FARO with LSE quick release 

> Ground-level tripod for FARO with ATS/FARO quick release   

Do you have any questions about the ground-level tripod? Please contact us by telephone at +49 (0)391 6269960 or by e-mail at