Veesus Arena4D - Release of Data Studio version 6

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Veesus has optimized the speed of Arena4D Data Studio and added some new features to the software.

Arena4D Data Studio 6 offers extensive innovations...

  • Latest XStreamEngine 2.0 SDK
  • Faster rendering performance
  • Faster 360 image and video generation
  • Ability to see selected points in "luminance" lighting mode
  • Scroll wheel to change brush size
  • Supersample Point Clouds live in viewer
  • Align views horizontally and vertically
  • LAS Classifications tested during editing selections
  • Global presets for scaling point size, etc, when generating videos
  • Ability to detach camera position from animation playback
  • Improved image object presentation


Watch the video for a first impression!


Are you interested in Veesus's software solutions? As a distributor, we offer Arena4D Data Studio in Germany.