Curvature of space with the new SPACE WARP functions in PointCab 3.8

The new version PointCab 3.8 is available! Thanks to the new SPACE WARP functions, you can create ortho photos of angled and curved surfaces

You can map curved surfaces or surfaces that run diagonally to the view plane on a planar plane and, thus, easily identify the surface area, for instance.

Polygonal, curved and elliptical sections in PointCab 3.8

Optimized performance

Furthermore, Pointcab 3.8 provides further enhancements and extensions, such as:

  • New RCP importer
  • New: RCP Exporter scanbased
  • New Mantis SDK
  • New SEMA protocol
  • New LSDX backup sistory
  • New Autosplit Merger
  • New: Scan colorization by cluster
  • New: Cluster based scan selection
  • New: Rename projects

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