Bull of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange - Scan with Artec Ray

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Last week, we were allowed to scan the bull of the campaign "Das Handwerk" (The Handcraft). The aim was to get a digital copy of the bull in order to have it printed in the size of a key ring for the Mitteldeutsche Handwerksmesse, which takes place from 23 February to  3 March 2019 at the Messe Leipzig.

With the active support of Mr. Gebauer (Metallbau Gebauer) and Mr. Sommer (Handwerkskammer Halle (Saale)), we captured the bull sculpture with our new 3D laser scanner Artec Ray. After a short post-processing, we received the result in Artec Studio 13 Professional.

Scan of the bull of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the ARTEC Ray

In addition, our work was accompanied by the camera. These shots will be presented at the fair. The motto of the presentation is: Innovation in crafts - the combination of craftsmanship with innovative methods.

A camera team accompanied our work on site.


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