ClearEdge3D's EdgeWise 5.3 available now

ClearEdge3D has released the new version EdgeWise 5.3. Enjoy smoother and more productive workflows with enhanced connections with Autodesk ReCap and Revit, as well as improved support for Ground models in EdgeWise's Remainder Cloud tool.

New features in EdgeWise 5.3

Autodesk ReCap

Streamline your scan-to-BIM workflows conveniently processing non-unified .RCP files directly in EdgeWise! No more wasting time and disk space converting scan files into E57 files.

Import ReCap RCP files directly in EdgeWise

Revit updates

Enjoy full system connectivity when transferring models from EdgeWise to Revit! You can now automatically add Couplings to create fully connected piping & ducting systems.

The layer, spec and pressure rating details given in EdgeWise will also be transferred to each Revit Family Object created. Whether it's copper or cast iron, ASME or DIN, you’ll be able to see all the important details!

Full system connectivity when transferring models from EdgeWise to Revit.

Ground Remainder Cloud

Easily identify and remove all points on the ground surface in the Remainder Cloud export! This new feature creates a stripped down point cloud that provides a better sense of the objects in the point cloud that remains unmodeled.

Stripped down point cloud

More new features & enhancements at a glance

  • Added support for .RCP files in Process Scans. These files can only be processed if the .RCS and .RCC file for each scan is present.
  • Smart Points and Remainder Cloud can now be exported directly to the .RCP format. An installation of Recap Pro is no longer required to export to .RCP
  • Improved Pipe Corruption detection to detect and attempt to correct a corrupted state where there would be a large number of extra  “Junk” columns present in the Chain Info Smart Sheet.
  • Added Korean steel standards.


Source: ClearEdge3D

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