Rent FARO Focus laser scanner with automation adapter

Would you like to scan automatically? Then rent our FARO laser scanners together with the appropriate automation adapter!

Thanks to the adapter, you can operate the scanner from a program and automatically generate spherical scans. The scanner can also be attached to a mobile platform to create helical scans.

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Which Focus models do we currently offer for rent with an automation adapter?

  • FARO FocusS 70
  • FARO Focus3D X 130
  • FARO Focus3D X 330 

What are the requirements for rental?

  • You must already have experience with FARO laser scanners.
  • You have expertise in application programming.
  • You have the possibility to work with an application programmers interface.


Do these requirements apply to you? Would you like to rent a scanner and adapter from us at favourable conditions? Then simply contact us by phone at +49(0)391 6269960 or by e-mail at

> Rent FARO Focus S 70 with automation adapter

> Rent FARO Focus3D X with automation adapter